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" Carter, a small shadow ran straight out from the body Zhuo King, a jump a jump on from the doorway out. I froze for a moment, "hey, how close it, twins, twins where you ah!" 'Bang' look, the elevator actually moved, I was shocked, can not help but two steps back, watching the descent of the elevator number, "Son, you do not scare me ah, where are you, ah!" Carter, the elevator to reach the first floor, the door slowly opened, I leaned against the cool wall behind the elevator, stood looking at the door wearing a white t-shirt wearing big headphones teenager a sixteen-year-old . I do not know where they come from strength, then staggered from the ground up, reach out and touch a large stone as he smashed in the past, "three lame !! You can not sell children !!" The large stone straight three lame head went, and then I heard three lame 'smothered' cry, holding his head back and looked at me and Wood "is smaller than the bastard, you dare . "Do not move all !!" Three lame one I threw opinions he shouted loudly, "Everyone knows what I like, if I get to blame me die on your home to make! I get finished today his things and left !! " "Let him go!" Grandma shouted to the side, watching the three lame: "!! Did you get it you do not regret you'll get. authentic Colorado Avalanche jerseys I watched as he did with the foot did not like was, always have to fall, but the presence of some villagers are taboo his usual man, after all, thankless things no one wanted to do, so no one to help him up." I see the grandmother to eat, and a little anxious.

Big platform, I feel a long walk, my grandmother has been talking about, I say if they saw the sister some painfully, not rude, we come to the city people's trouble. "Playing on !!" grandfather chimed in at the side, or stand in front of three lame "You hear what you say is nonsense, people are dead, you do not plot points discreet, you owe is education! Hurry, I apologize to the granddaughter, white people can you kick ah! "I stood behind her grandmother grandfather, this time looking at the three lame suddenly Oh smile, that smile just like the day I take a bath when Fengxia face much the same as, tightlipped, overcast Cici. authentic custom hockey jerseys china wholesale " "Grandma and grandpa to eat not spoil you!" I'm a little anxious. authentic Coyotes jersey " And other heart and gave me the room for a good grandmother, grandmother's mouth has been talking about the look of the soul in shock, watching the play is the bathroom faucet me, "Jojo, you are not afraid ah. Grandma some tight brow, looked at Grandma, look to the father, "I do not know if you heard heard, the children saw the man cry, what omen.

Mom looked flustered brother's diapers "No, ah, I just pick up after him, which is what it uncomfortable. authentic Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys " Grandmother lowered her eyes "does not mean a good life good eye, the line, you do not ask your child, do not understand." "Oh, is my home no matter Zhashui youngest wrong horse Aunt sorry, ah, how he can not get beat ah." Grandmother looked at me, sighed, sat kang edge "that's gotta come to the line, you do not worry ah, have grandma in it.

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