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" I thought I was on the toilet when Fengxia squatting wall like I was afraid, have left a psychological shadow. Three Crips again shouting "Do not bite me ah! Help ah! Do not bite me ah !!!" "Yellow, yellow ."I saw the grandmother promised to go back and look, well on its way and quickly rushed the house, I can not tell in the end what is urgent. "Uncle!" The girl shouted and tried Lanzhu father's arm, pointed with my grandmother, "Uncle, you see, beggar again, not that yesterday came one old and one small yet." "I repent of your mother, old fool, do not fight you're not honest, give me the whole thing." Grandma some displeasure. "Oh OMG, this bubble grow up! To burst ah !!" Aunt looked at the side of the heart Zhuo Yun Jing can not help grinning face said, opening the eyes do not "OMG, this is too scary!" Zhuowei Shu t some worry, but can be seen holding chopsticks in hand still firmly in his mouth saying "come out, you gave me out!" "Stop !!!" Granny behind big Heleyisheng suddenly, and perhaps too loud, t-Zhuowei Shu stunned for a moment, then looked back at grandma 'aunt . Athletics jerseys patch

Mom and aunt's feeling good, just like grandma since forged a certain distance, said that if she had, the young girl could not mad, crazy aunt reportedly very scary time in their sleep at night, you see the white picket fence squatting they sleep with eyes wide with bright thief, or on the day when Dunzaiqiangjiao his mouth from time to time twice Hey, who met all the hair. Athletics jerseys on sale " Grandma sighed, looked at me, "Jiao Long ah, you are still very small, the children ah, this is probably been waiting for you, otherwise, like him, where people can easily find it, not easy. "Basking, so many lights, it does not cost electricity. Athletics jerseys kids " Then, peel the egg into the bowl in my "eat." "Thrown out. Just went to my house, I saw Tracy busy panic ran over, then my heart was instinctively think it was Tracy's children have a thing, or else she would not be so anxious.

" The person sitting next exit replied. Or children suddenly appeared to drink the snake run, strange to say, children just stare a snake, shouted out, get out! The snake yo left, so, gradually, when I used to see him all right to play. Athletics jerseys from china "Old woman, this is what you mean ah !!" Grandpa Grandma's move is to get the ignorant, stand in the yard directed grandmother shouted." With her fingers, I see the following to her, it was the first time I clearly know that a girl should be like, but I simply can not accept at the time, I shook my head, "No, I am the girl, girls are so long." Grandma hand touched my head, "all right, he is not to want to come, he is not afraid of it, I let him see that once he even Huanguo Lai, who also became pale." My grandmother's eyes looked down the Ferris wheel, "after you grow up you see grandma collar ah, come to eat, you do not say hungry yet. We both sit my child on the doorstep of the pier, I looked at her, "because Grandma said Metropolitan doctor will tell me when the boy or girl, would you tell me why was not the same in the end.

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